All competitions from 5 to 100 km

We need a few rules to ensure everything is right, both for the registration as well as for the running event itself. We have summarised them here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The date of the event is 30th April 2016. All runs of the 7-cities round begin at 07:00; the WHEW5 begins at 11:30 and the WHEW10 at 12:30.

Start and finish

The start and finish is the Mirker station in Mirker Strasse 48 in 42105 Wuppertal.

Starting office

The starting office for all starting documents, late registrations, corrections and certificates is also located at the Mirker station.

Route guidance and traffic regulations

The route mainly runs along old railway lines and along the Ruhr. Nevertheless, there are points of contact with road traffic. The runners must in any case observe traffic regulations and may have to stop briefly should this be necessary due to traffic.

Folders and track marshals

The instructions of folders and track marshals are to be followed.


The event shall take place in all weather conditions. The participants are to prepare independently for the weather, even for snow.


The first three runners or teams to finish in each competition will receive an award. There is an assessment according to age group; however there is no extra award.


The organiser shall reserve the right to give out time-penalties and disqualify runners who disregard traffic regulations, the instructions of a track marshal, attempt to shorten the route or behave in an unsporting manner.


The route is marked with colourful barrier tape and other methods and is provided at least every 5 kilometres stating the number of kilometres.


There are 12 refreshment stands ready on the route. 4 of them are located at the stations for time measurement, and two in each case are located between them. The refreshments are not regulated, but will be in any case ultra-suitable. Refreshment posts are announced about 200 metres beforehand by a sign.

Private refreshments

We will make every effort to provide you with a self-catering service beginning at 30 km. No glass bottles please! To ensure food is subsequently retrieved, we would ask for careful labelling. The runners themselves pack the refreshments in prepared boxes, which are marked indicating the kilometre of the refreshment stand. A donation is possible until the start. Dispensed containers are not transported back to the finish area.


Relay runners obviously have the possibility to take the shuttle bus from the starting point in Wuppertal to their personal starting point at one of the changeover points. The same applies for the opposite direction – runners do not have to drive their own vehicle to the changeover point. The organiser shall reserve the right to remove the offer of a shuttle bus if not enough relay runners register. The use of the shuttle vehicles must be registered no later than two weeks before the event. In order to do so, please send an informal e-mail to indicating the expected interims at the respective changeover points.

Run and Bike

A team must remain within sight of each other; it must not split up or move separately from each other. If one of the two team members stops, the other is required to stop as well (maximum distance of visibility). If in doubt or if it gets tight, cyclists must pay attention to runners and if necessary, give priority to them.

Showers / Cloakrooms

They are located near the start and finish area and are signposted.

Media presence

Within the time period of the event, the press and photographers take pictures (photo and if necessary, video) and publish them. In this regard, application is deemed to be a declaration of consent.

Overnight stay

There is the possibility to spend the night in the school sports hall near the start and finish area for a reasonable price. We would therefore kindly ask you to state this when registering. Here you can find a list of hotels and guest houses.


MTV 1861 Elberfeld organises the WHEW100.

Organisation fee

The organisation fee is payable in full with the registration. Earlier registrations cost less than those later on.

Event cancellation

The organiser shall reserve the right to cancel the event for important reasons. Should the event have to be cancelled, all registered participants shall be notified by e-mail, our website and social media. There is no entitlement to reimbursement of the organisation fee in the case of event cancellation.