The WHEW10 is the main run on the northern railway route. The quickest 10 kilometres of the city are waiting for you! 

Start and route

They are located at the Mirker station; you will run on the quick asphalt of the northern railway route. You start headed towards Wuppertal Barmen and run this time to Wichlinghausen. You will turn around on the bridge over Bartholomäusstrasse and then run the 5 km back to Mirker station/ Utopiastadt.

The route guidance from previous years is unfortunately not possible because of construction sites. Instead, this year we have the forced opportunity to compare the routes!

Time and money

  • Starting time: 12:30 pm
  • Relay starting fee: 
    • € 12,- up until 31.12.2017
    • € 14,- up until 28.02.2018 
    • € 16,- up until 23.04.2018 
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Showers and changing rooms with limited availability 
  • Time limit: 75 minutes
  • Participant limit: 200 

Starting lists

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