The WHEW100 RnB is the gateway drug of the ultramarathon. As a pair, you will start at the Mirker station on the 100 km route. However, not only on foot, because one of you will start by bike and accompany the runner. If the runner is tired, needs a break or is hungry, you will swap. This way, one of you can rest on the bike whilst the other does the hard work running. In this way, you are enabled to travel longer than you could ever imagine.

It is advisable to carry your own refreshments in a small rucksack or even better: bring panniers. The runners can simply rip into the panniers from the top for refreshments, whereas it is more difficult with a rucksack. If you have the option: take the comfortable touring bike instead of the racing bike. You are not allowed to go quicker than your partner can run.

Important: This is a team discipline! If you separate on the route, you will receive a time penalty or be disqualified. If you can talk to each other, you are close enough to each other. The maximum distance allowed is sight of the other person. What is not allowed, for example, is running on ahead while the cyclist is at the toilet, or going on ahead for a short break at the next refreshment stand. Imagine rope that you can only put down at the finish.

Start and route

Can be found at the Mirker station – you will first run over the fast asphalt of the northern railway route. Through tunnels and over small bridges below Lüntenbeck castle to Wuppertal Vohwinkel. On the way through Wülfrath you will leave the limestone works on the left and get a little hilly towards Velbert, where you will receive your first intermediate time.

From there it goes down the Niederbergbahnr. Through Heiligenhaus follow the route until you arrive in Essen Kettwig. In the western part of the city, you will cross the Ruhr to run upstream on the north side. The Ruhr cycle path changes to the banks of the river in Essen Werden, before you encounter the Baldeneysee. This is where the 50 km mark is and here you receive your second intermediate time.

It carries on along the Ruhr cycle path, which again crosses the lake on an old railway bridge to the north bank. Once again, the bank is changed. The main line goes through Hattingen and Sprockhövel. The third intermediate time is taken there am Wildhagen.

On the way to Sprockhövel, you will have to handle about 200 metres of cumulative elevation gain on a 14 km-long route. At the highest point, in the Schee tunnel, you will find the city boundary of Wuppertal. From here it is another 13 kilometres to the finish. You cross over the roofs of the city via viaducts and again through the tunnel to the old Mirke station.

Time and money

  • Starting time: 07:00
  • Relay starting fee: 
    • € 95,- up until 31.12.2021
    • € 105,- up until 28.02.2022
    • € 115,- up until  18.04.2022
  • Minimum age: 18 
  • Showers and changing rooms with limited availability 
  • Time limit: 15 hours 
  • Cutoff-Zeiten:
    • 3.5 hours in Hattingen, 
    • 7 hours in Essen, 
    • 10.5 hours in Velbert 
  • Your own bike support is possible (please register for refreshment)
  • Participant limit: 80 teams 

Starting lists

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