100 km ultramarathon

The Bergisches Land region borders the Ruhr area in the north. As a cradle of the industrial culture, there are small railway lines between all the towns, where goods and raw materials were previously transported even into the smallest corners. Lots of these trains no longer run. However, the routes are still there and most of them have been converted into trails for hiking and cycling. In the same way, the WHEW100 route leads through seven cities, over the old railway lines and along the Ruhr:

Wuppertal - Wülfrath - Velbert - Heiligenhaus - Essen - Hattingen - Sprockhövel - Wuppertal.

Clockwise direction

Since 2017 the 100km coursewill be run in clockwise direction. The course is changing. Better, faster? Yes. The feedback was clear: it is better clockwise. First of all the hills in the west, followed by the Ruhr cycle path and after that the long but shallow ascent back to the norther railway route. The last kilometers you'll be running above the rooftops of the city.

Registration for 5th May 2018

Registration for all runners on the 5th May 2018 is now open. The absolute deadline is 21st April 2018, before that there is an early booking discount.

For registrations after 21rd April 2018, we will not have enough time for the following two things: 1. T-shirts and 2. Starting numbers with a printed name. With this in mind, please book a week earlier rather than later. Thank you!

2016 Review

6th May 2017 was a good day for running. Despite the cold and rain, almost 600 runners delivered excellent results.

Thank you to Aaron Mucke and team!

Photos and Reports

There are lots of reports from the raceday in 2016. You can see them here in the order they reach us:

Runners World, Report and photos of Cat Fun photo

Wupper Tal & Berg, Photos of km 93

Wässrige 100 Kilometer A report by Aschu


The WHEW100 is a 100 kilometre ultramarathon over old railway lines. The runners pass through seven cities in NRW in large numbers.

Ultramarathon Relay

The 100 kilometre ultramarathon can also be completed as a team. As a pair or with 4 runners, the changeover takes place accordingly after 50 kilometres in Essen, or after every 25 kilometres in Hattingen, Essen and Velbert.

100 km Run and Bike

A special version of the WHEW100 is the run and bike competition. Two runners take a bike along the track and changeover at their own discretion. The 100 kilometres of the ultramarathon can be completed together, whether as 20/80 or 50/50, for example.

5 and 10 Kilometre

The northern railway route is a flat and inner-city path taking pedestrians and cyclists across Wuppertal. Competitions of over 5 and 10 kilometres take place here over lunchtime.


The results from WHEW100 2016 are available online: WHEW100 2016 results

The results from WHEW100 2015 can be found here: WHEW100 2015 results

The results from WHEW100 2014: WHEW100 2014 results