The whew100 route

Although the Bergisches Land does not derive its name from the mountains (but instead from the Count of Berg), it is not exactly flat. In the north, it borders the Ruhr area and between them and in the middle are numerous former railway lines dating back to the time of industrialisation. These railway lines provide us with the opportunity to get to the neighbouring towns on flat and short routes. This is where the WHEW100 takes place.

The route is not blocked off for other participants, so it must be run with open eyes.

The shorter:
Northern railway route ("Nordbahntrasse")

The short distance is on the northern railway route. We offer you a 5 km-long turning point route between Wuppertal Barmen and Wuppertal Elberfeld. The northern railway route will be 22 km-long in total, asphalted and lit 24 hours a day. It becomes the main route for cyclists and also pedestrians within Wuppertal in an east-west direction.

On this route, the WHEW5 will take place in the morning, as well as the WSW 10 km run at noon.

The longer:

The long route is a large circuit of 100 kilometres. From Wuppertal Elberfeld it follows the northern railway route to meet the main line in the East. Through Sprockhövel and Hattingen you come to Leinpfad, which is also known as the Ruhr cycle path. In Essen, you cross the Ruhr in the West to get to the Niederbergbahn. Through Heiligenhaus, Velbert and Wülfrath you will get to the northern railway route again.

The WHEW100, all relays and the WHEW100 RnB (Run and Bike) take place on this route. Barometric measured height: 442.

The map for the wrist

You enjoy running with GPS? Here are your sources. And a GPS-Track (gpx) to download.

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course map

Elevation profile

After 440 metres you are back at the finish line. The majority of the positive altitudes, however, are only from kilometre 63. Pace yourself well.